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Acanthus leaf study

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  • Acanthus leaf study

    To practice my skill a bit on some traditional carving. I worked on an acanthus leaf tonight. It started out with just chisles, but on my second attempt, I broke out the router to set down the back. I like the router way better. It sets the background to a uniform depth. I wonder how the furniture folks do it?

    The Midnight Carver

    Anyway, here is my blog where you can blow up the pics and see all the tool marks! I didn't feel like shrinking my pics so they could fit here....

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    Re: Acanthus leaf study

    Most of the "furniture folks" use a cnc to machine the pieces, then will touch up by hand. The cabinet shop I work at purchases ready made pieces from companies that specialize in making them. Some places will have artisians that do the carvings, but from what I've seen that is far and few between. We have one guy that can do carvings well (at work), but they don't pay him anything extra for his efforts (he's normally doing finishing).