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(WIP) Pregnancy in Butternut

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  • (WIP) Pregnancy in Butternut

    Hi all,

    A gentleman from work handed me a photo and asked if I could carve this as a request from his wife, who is due in October.

    This is totally out of the box for me as I am pretty much a caricature carver dabbling in flat plane and wood spirits.

    This is almost roughed out and has a lot of additional wood to be removed, especially the legs and the breast need better definition.

    Before I go any farther, I sure could use a bunch of eyes checking this out and helping me through this.

    I want this to be as perfect as I can as I am partial to this guy and his family as he is one of the guys who do an outstanding job for me. I decided to do this one as a gift.

    If you could, please look it over and offer advice.

    The first pic is the internet photo he handed me.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: (WIP) Pregnancy in Butternut

    Hi Bob,
    Dosen't look like you need any help, looks great! Just be careful about the backside, for some reason most women are a tad sensitive about how they look from that angle.LOL Its going to be a great gift.


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      Re: (WIP) Pregnancy in Butternut


      I was gonna give the hinder a trim job...


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        Re: (WIP) Pregnancy in Butternut

        So what say all the Gals ???