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  • Upcoming Wounded Warrior Project

    OK - Guys, I'm at a stand-still. My goal is to produce a carved Purple Heart Medal for a couple of Wounded Warrior Project silent auction fundraisers coming up. I've found some material (purpleheart and yellow heart) for the piece. The carving will stand about 12" high and 4" wide. By looking at what I've got, it will probably be part Intarsia and partly carved.

    Here's my problem. Unfortunatly (or maybe fortunately) I did not recieve the medal during my stint in the Navy (SeaBees). I was wondering if someone out there has recieved the medal? Photos are easy to find on the internet but there is some detail and dimension that I can't seem to find. If someone could either send me a PM with detailed photos and dimensions of the head/heart area of the medal, I would certainly appreciate it. My next step is to purchase one and look at it first hand. Not being entitled to this, I am having personal ethical questions with doing this.

    Any help would be appreciated

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    Re: Upcoming Wounded Warrior Project

    Contact your local chapter of VFW or American Legion. Tell them what you need and I bet you'll get some assistance.

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