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Football, anyone?!

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    Re: Football, anyone?!

    There is no doubt from your great carvings that the two football players are brothers. Even if you didn't catch an exact portrait of the two men it is so clear that both the intent and the love is captured in your work. Great job.


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      Re: Football, anyone?!

      Thanks for the great compliments, Frank and Susan! I just heard from the bride-to-be, she said they arrived safely, they are perfect and she's more anxious to give them to him than to say I DO! I take that as a really big compliment! Hope the groom likes them as much as the bride does! Deborah

      P.S. Frank, you know what the hardest part of painting them was.....the numbers! You can't really notice it in the pictures but around the white is a thin band of yellow...what a pain that was to get painted on there evenly!


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        Re: Football, anyone?!

        Well, looks like the brides gift idea was a big hit! I got a call last week, from the groom, to tell me how much he loved them. The bride told me the family took a video of him opening them, I can't wait to see that!

        Thanks again for all the advice (I never would have got those uniforms right!) and the encouragement, I appreciate it! Deborah