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Black bear sow and cub

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    Re: Black bear sow and cub

    I am still working away on the black bear sow and cub piece. I would like to thank all of you for the kind comments. Still a long way to go on the cub, I am just starting the gouging for the hair using a 1mm #11 swiss made tool.

    I did not like the "curved" burning pen that I was using. The only curved one I had was pointed and it did not seem that the heat was reaching the point like I would have liked. So, today I got me another nib with a blunter point that I am told will distribute the heat better. Hopefully, things will go faster now.

    I must mention that this is being carved from a roughout. The design of the bears is Debbe's, not mine. I am following several photos that I had on hand here at home. I will also use these for the painting. Still have not decided whether I will go with acrylic or use the watercolors that I normally paint with.

    Smokey, my reply was also a feeble attempt at humor. There were no mosquitoes over there; but, the flies were about to drive us crazy. The wipes did seem to help slightly; but, not for very long. But, being able to carve out on Debbe's porch was worth putting up with he flies.

    Well, back to gouging and burning.


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      Re: Black bear sow and cub

      Paul, they are just awesome! You are doing a terrific job! I too can't wait to see them finished. Such a great piece!!

      I'm curious, what is the new tip you're going to be burning with? I have a few different tips, but always use the same two. One is a fine pointed one, the other a heavier pointed one. If you like the new one, please let me know! Thanks!

      Again, thanks for sharing your beautiful carving with us! Deborah


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        Re: Black bear sow and cub

        Deborah, one good thing about digital cameras is the ability to instantly fulfill the old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words.

        I had been using the pointed tip as it was the only curved one I had. The problem is that it is difficult to maintain a constant heat out at the end of the narrow tip. Debbe advised me to get one with a "blunt" point. I have been using it this morning, to reach the area on the Momma which is directly beneath the cub. It works wonderfully, although, I am tempted and will probably try bending the point a little more. I am told to heat it to max and slowly press down until I get the bend I want.

        I use "The Detailer" for burning and have started going to the Colwood replaceable tips.


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          Re: Black bear sow and cub

          As much as I admire the carving, I can't help but be in awe of the size of the Mama bear's head in comparison with the little baby bear. The subject is so realistic. Really like being able to see the process.
          I'm so in the dark about pyro techniques, that I thought you would not need to paint it after you were done with the burning. The fur on Mama Bear looks like a finished surface to me. Will you paint that surface as well? or do you just paint the base and anything that is not burned?