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  • Santa in the round

    75 percent compleated. Carved from a solid block of basswood measuring 14"x5"x4". I have got 12 hours into this carving at this stage. I figure about another 5 hours to compleate. There will be some add-on's, I am still kicking around a few ideas, but at the same time do not want to clutter the piece or impede movement, that's whats nice about adding trappings , you can carve a variety by the tube and see what will work best latter on the carving. I am going to mount this carving on a oval 7 "x5"x3" basswood base . I plan on doing some relief carving on the base, well there goes my estimated completion time , add another 2 hours approx. Hey anybody out there reading this , help me think of a title for this carving. If this will help I plan on adding eyes and antlers to the big fuzzy sleepers and paniting his long johns sky blue with white stars scattered about.