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moray eel with bad seams

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  • moray eel with bad seams

    I am working on a 6 ft long moray eel out of cherry. it is glued together from 6 limbs. so I have 5 joints. I realize after I final sanded and filled the joints with epoxy that they stick out like a sore thumb. the cherry is real light and the joints are real dark. I am considering staining it ebony to make it all dark. Any other ideas? is is possible to paint the seams to hide them? I will send pics tomorrow.

    next time I will be more carefull with my carpentry work before I start carving!

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    Re: moray eel with bad seams

    Give the carving 6 months to a year exposure to sunlight, and the cherry will turn a wonderful brown color - your joints will likely disappear.

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      Re: moray eel with bad seams

      Problem with painting is that cherry changes color over time, as Claude mentioned- any camouflage you apply today will not work in the future.
      Buffalo Bif


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        Re: moray eel with bad seams

        If and when I see it, I won't blink. When I see the joints, I conclude that that particular wood doesn't come in large enough useful pieces so a bunch of bits were glued together.
        Brian T


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          Re: moray eel with bad seams

          MOST saltwater fish have vertical stripes of some design....maybe adjust the stripes to color over the glue joints??? If you see pics of morays, there is some variation in the colors/patterns....

          I'm really sorry...but I gotta say this....Paint it plaid....

          that's a'more...
          it's friday....whattya 'spect???