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My first cypress knee

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    Re: My first cypress knee

    I've started working on the eyes, following the instructions in Carole Jean Boyd's book on "Carving Cypress Knees." They look pretty rough in these photos, but I think I'm going in the right direction.

    Comments: The design I have planned for this carving will take away much of the original shape of the cypress knee. Usually the whimsical designs of Santas and gnomes retain the basic tapered shape, much the way carvings in found wood are adapted to the original shape. The wood carves nicely if you use sharp tools and slicing cuts, but the "carvability" varies a lot. Some parts are firm and cut cleanly. Others are pulpy and tear easily.


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      This is one of my projects that has been set aside - for now 7 years! Here are some photos to illustrate the early progress:

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