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What Carvings Really look like

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  • What Carvings Really look like

    I have never seen very many real hand carved objects before. Only photos, in magazines, and in the Carvers Galleries of this message board. It is really impressive to see the quality of work of the Ornaments that I have received. I am wondering if others like myself who mainly power carve birds, have a real appreciation of the work being shown by the knife and chisel carvers. Photos just don't do them justice.

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    Re: What Carvings Really look like

    Yes, Hugh!! You are having the same experience as I. I haven't seen many carvings in person.

    I was completely blown away by the nice carving that Hi-Ho sent me. It is the perfect size for an ornament, and the detail and paint are magnificent!

    I hope that next year the carving I send him will come close to the quality of his, as the one I sent this year was ... uh... primitive to say the least. (it was my second carving ever!)

    Thanks to Dave, and everyone, for being an inspiration!