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Dog and Horse update 2

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  • Dog and Horse update 2

    Starting to take shape. As I said this is the first time I have tried to duplicate a photo. I am seeing some adjustments that need to be made. The area that is the white collar on the dog is too wide and his nose/snout is to long. I hope shape the nose and mouth area it will look closer to the photo. But I am afraid it will be a little long. I need to thin the horses muzzle and nose area. I am trying to do many small cuts stepping back and checking the photo often. I do not have a backup block of basswood. So if I mess it up my sister will not get it for her birthday next month.

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    Re: Dog and Horse update 2

    It's looking good Randy. Slow and steady, you'll get it.


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      Re: Dog and Horse update 2

      Your doing very well. You already saw the muzzle on the horse and the nose on the dog, so you are seeing the things the need a little help. I think it will be great when you are done. Can't wait to see the finished relief.. It's looking just grand from my point of view...


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        Re: Dog and Horse update 2

        It's comming together nicely Randy. I'm enjoying following along with you on this one.
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