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  • Claude
    Re: Wooden Chairs

    Your photos didn't show up. Detailed instructions for uploading photos are here: A Beginner's Guide To the Woodcarving Illustrated Message Board - Woodcarving Illustrated Message Board The top five posts ("stickies") give you good instructions.


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  • lew poorman
    started a topic Wooden Chairs

    Wooden Chairs

    After seing Jan the woodbutchers description of a wooden chair he and his students carved I was fascinated. He kindly sent me the specs and I was off. I help with an art class at my local VA here in Altoona.
    A local salvage company donated enough 2x28 (or 32)x50" boards for 7 chairs, they were salvaged from the thrashing floor of a 125 year old barn. attached are some pix of the three ive done, one for the local Down's Syndrome Society and two for the upcoming convention of the 82nd Airborne Division in Pittsburgh for thier charities.
    One thing that helped alot was the "rotten wood" treatment and sanding treatment./Users/lewpoorman/Desktop/DSCF0001.JPG/Users/lewpoorman/Desktop/DSCF0005.JPG/Users/lewpoorman/Desktop/Photo06061049_1.jpg/Users/lewpoorman/Desktop/Photo05221504.jpg/Users/lewpoorman/Desktop/DSCF0013.JPG