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a Santa ornament

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  • a Santa ornament

    Here is another Santa ornament I Have started almost done with it I think. just need to add the hair and trim up a few things. if you see something I could or need to do please let me know.As I try to take all comments and thoughts into my learning process.

    ....if you are one that has been watching my progress I think I am getting better!! LOL

    thank you all.

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    Re: a Santa ornament

    Looks like a winner in progress. Yes, you are getting better. Those little guys are fun to carve.


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      Re: a Santa ornament

      thank you Michael, they are fun to carve. I think I am going to do some more probably give them for Christmas gifts.


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        Re: a Santa ornament

        You're doing fine Scott...keep at it! The more we carve the better we get...we never stop improving. I would suggest that you take a look at photos of other people's will get plenty of ideas on areas where you can improve.
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          Re: a Santa ornament

          thanks Bob, oh I do I look at other peoples all the time!! I look at all levels of carvings and try to go from there. and it does help. However, When more experienced carvers comment on what then would do different helps more for me. Because I may over look an aspect in a picture where the more experienced will point something out that I may not have thought of. I can see I am getting better in my progress and I know I still have a LOT of room for improvement.