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  • Old - new work in progress

    This glued up blank has been laying on shelf
    for about 1 yr. Time to finish it. Indian bust
    from H. Enlow pattern. Same as small bust.
    Both in basswood. Note side view show some
    seperation in joint. Hope it go away as more
    rough comes off.....WISHFULL THINKING !!!


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    Re: Old - new work in progress

    that great looking start, cant wait to see it develope.


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      Re: Old - new work in progress

      That's going to be a great piece/ O sure the crack goes away. Is there someway to add some more glue and clamp it for a few days.?
      There's a product from Woodcraft store called Quick wood. It is a two part putty. You could use. It would be a shame if the crack gets bigger. Good luck. I really like both the smaller Indian and the big one. Ginny


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        Re: Old - new work in progress

        Good luck. That sure is a handy looking carving arm. Did you make it yourself? Can never have to many jigs for this, that, and the other.
        Carve On,


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          Re: Old - new work in progress

          I was more intregued by the carving arm than was worried about the open joint. I would finish it and fill the gap if necessary. I have found that they usually go away during carving if you left enough wood in the roughout.

          Let us know and give us some better photos of the arm. Would be extremely interesting.