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  • Need help with an idea..

    The other day I had shown two aunts some of the things I have been working on. One was a wooden quilt block. The aunts loved it and we got to brain storming on those little blocks.

    One aunt would love to collect them and buy them as she finds one she likes.. but the question was.. where or how do you display them until you have enough to make a quilt like display on your wall? We didnt really want to put nails into them to hang individually.

    Another aunt said she had an area by her kitchen sink that a line of quilt blocks would fit perfectly .. like six in a row going downwards. But again.. how to display them?

    This same aunt thought that some might collect these squares to put across the kitchen soffets? (sp) and have a row going across the upper part of the cupboards.

    We came up with alot of ideas on WHERE to put them.. just not HOW to display them.

    So my question is.. what kind of display things can I make and have to sell along with the quilt blocks if collectors just want to pick up one or two pieces at a time?

    I did put one on a fold apart plate holder that looks like an easle.. it didnt really look right. And was tippy.

    Any ideas on what to put behind each block that they can hang in an even row or snug to each other?

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    Re: Need help with an idea..

    what about a plate rack i think they make these in different sizes and you may be able to find a size that would fit and you wouldnt have to nail them.

    or what about some velcro not sure if that would work just came to mind as i was typing

    happy carving


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      Re: Need help with an idea..

      I saw a woodburned quilt that had screweyes on each side and was attached in all four directions by those. made it look more like a quilt to as it was semi flexible.
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        Re: Need help with an idea..

        marci,my mother was a quilter and she left many patterns of different ages, I too had though at one time of scrolling these patterns, in an intirca fasion,. but never thought it out far enough to displaying them, as hers would surely cover one whole wall. but i would think as to displaying a quilt few blocks, you could get someone to use a router and make you some "T" molding trim, screw it to the wall and the blocks could be slid into the tracks, cut it to length although this would make you turn out all your blocks the same thickness as to fit the track,


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          Re: Need help with an idea..

          The little bride uses double sided tape for trmporay positioning of her paper pieceings and sometimes they are permanant. Have a frame made to the size you want for display with a backing is another way. Again double sided tape can be use till a more permanant location of each block is obtatined.


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            Re: Need help with an idea..

            How about Velcro ????????? Just a thought, as I'm not really sure just what you want to do with them. Glue clips on the back, it would depend on the weight of the block also. Hope this helps.


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              Re: Need help with an idea..

              Thanks for the ideas! Hubby is thinking trim cut to frame sizes would work too. I'll take a peek at Menards when we are up there next for more ideas with the trim selections they have.
              I'm going to try some eye hooks too.