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Imp & Acanthus Panel

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  • Imp & Acanthus Panel

    OK, I don't really know what this guy is and I probably won't be allowed to display him in the house but I have wanted to carve it for years so here goes...

    The origional design is from "Manual of Traditional Wood Carving" by Paul Hasluck first published in 1911.

    I have called him "Trevor" for some reason. Maybe he does not seem as mean when you give him a nice friendly name.

    I am carving him in 1" thick butternut one foot square and he is grounded in about 3/4 of an inch. I did the rough work with a router & drill press and so far have spent about 6-8 hours on him with the gouges etc.

    Sorry about the image quality, using the flash does not make a good carving picture & apparently I need more light or a tripod etc.

    PS. I just recieved some new HT gouges from woodcraft (closeout sale)I think I like the standard Henry Taylors better, the handles on these ones are huge!

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    Re: Imp & Acanthus Panel

    That looks like a fun project. Keep us posted on your progress. The butternut looks like it will make a beautiful natural finish when it is done too. Is that your plan?
    Great picture in the book. Good luck with it!


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      Re: Imp & Acanthus Panel

      It looks like you've gotten a great start on it. The butternut makes a beautiful carving, can't wait to see it finished. But is that a bottle of behind it, for shame. Talking Keep up the good work.



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        Re: Imp & Acanthus Panel

        Yeah It is I had to glue in two pieces of the vine after I got finished with the router. I got a little carried away & hacked some off. Also I just made a workbench attachment that allows me to put my carving on an angle so I don't get a sore back NICE!!