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Carving for income!

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  • Carving for income!

    Hi Folks,
    This is what happens when you start thinking of what can be done with your carvings!
    I thought some carvers out there would like to see my first attempt at reproducing one of my wood spirits. So far I have brushed on a liquid rubber four coats and that makes the rubber part of the mold. Then you need to make the mother mold that is a hard plastic liquid. To do that you need to separate to mold into two parts. To do that you need to build a seem of clay about one inch thick, then line it with tin foil and coat with a wax release agent. After building the clay up I used toothpicks to hold it to the rubber mold. Then I mixed up liquid plastic and smeared it 3/8 thick over the rubber to make the first half of the mother mold. I am waiting for the plastic to dry and then I will fold over the tinfoil and remove the clay. Then coat with release wax and make the other half of the mother mold. At that point I will be ready to pour my first reproduction spirit tomorrow. If the release agent has worked! If not my spirit is incased forever in rubber.. If all works out I will post picture of the reborn spirit, if not I will carve another one! Wish me luck..
    See First mold post for pictures
    After a long night waiting for the mother mold to cure I made my first casting. What a great day. I saved my carving and reproduced an exact duplicate read for painting. The mold worked OK but I need to change the way I did some parts of the mold building. Live and learn you know. The next pouring will be hollow using copper powder and a hollow resin mix from Smooth-on. I will then make a wind chime out of the spirit. Will post picture if anyone wants to see them, let me know, if this project interest you.
    See First mold and casting post has pictures
    Just finished my first wind chime using a wood spirit I carved. Then I made a mold out of rubber and plastic. The tubes are copper cut to exact lengths to create the right notes, C5 to be exact. I never know there was so much detail to making a wind chime. The dinger is a wood ball 2” round and the spirit is the wind catcher! Now I am hoping to sell them to a local gift shop that sells lots of wind chimes. Wish me luck and let me know what you think of the project. See wind chime is swinging for pictures
    For those fallowing my wind chime project it has reached the prototype stage and I brought them to a store that sells a lot of wind chimes. I did my dog and pony show and explained the spirit on the chime was a wood carving I carved. After carving it, I made a rubber mold with a plastic mother mold, which I showed her. She loved the look and I explained it is just the prototype; the finished chimes will be bronze with the copper tubes. Her first order was for six 6!
    Wind chime prototype has pictures
    In the weeks to come I will make the bronzed wind chimes and post pictures

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    Re: Carving for income!

    Good for you! I wish you good luck in your endeavors.