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Escher inspired relief #21

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    It has been fun to get back to this carving. As I work on deepening the separation between the rings of fish, the final form takes shape in my brain. The concentric rings quickly diminish in size toward the center. So where it was possible for Escher to include 7 or 8 rings in the graphic design, I've decided to only go five rings in the carving.

    In the original graphic the ring separation was made by alternating the fish from black to white. They are also going in opposite directions. The four fish in the outer ring will have the most shape and detail with scales and ridges in the fins and tail. Each ring inside will have less shape and detail. This is similar to the variation Escher put into other designs like "Sky & Water."

    IMG_5917 (1).JPG
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      Looks as complex as doing a Celtic knot. Looking forward to following the progression...
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        Originally posted by ArtworksIII View Post
        Re: Escher inspired relief #21

        Escher use to hang around in Seattle in the 70's didn't he? Very gutsy project I'd say. I have a T-shirt with that and other drawings on it.
        I think you're confusing Escher with Jimmy Hendricks - there's a bronze statue of him across Broadway from Seattle University.


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          I've been setting the depth of each band of fish. The outermost (#1) will have the most shape and detail, while the inner band (#5) will be flat with incised lines for the fins, eyes, and gills. The center will be left as a "black hole."
          The fish in all the bands form a tessellation, meaning the figures fit together even though they differ in size and relief. In the process I discovered some interesting lines running across several bands that define the edges of the figures. In this photo look for two red dots that mark the ends of continuous curving line from band #1 to band #4: (I could have drawn a red line, but that marker really soaks in!)

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            For those interested in technique, this carving is being done with hand tools (gouges and a knife). The inner edge of each band is cut with gouges matching the curves and held vertically, pushed by hand pressure. The new level of the band is cut with a fishtail gouge; the corners can reach the angles of the fish fins and handles changes in grain direction well. The knife is used to cut the angle between the fish bodies and the fins.