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  • EarlE
    Re: comfort birds et al

    Great ideas. When I started carving I was a full-time RVer so threw all those pieces out. It was just too much to carry around from place to place. But since I'm back in a house, they are starting to accumulate. Good way to use up the scraps.

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  • rickm
    started a topic comfort birds et al

    comfort birds et al

    the post about the magnets got me thinking. Like most I have a pile of odd pieces of scraps of this and that, I never throw any out, so I accumulate all this odd stuff and every once in awhile I can use it for something but most of the time it sits.
    anyway my daughter in law teaches primary school 1st and 2nd grad so I started carving the comfort birds as a way primarily to eat up scrap. and because its all odd sizes some birds have a big tail and some no tail whatever.
    So I decided when I get enough of them I am going to give them to my dau in law to hand out to her class long about xmas time. Just a thought, don't know if it fits into what anyone here does but a suggestion. the other thing is maybe you could give them to a hospital or something. Better than getting all moldy in the basement or ending up in the fireplace. peace out.