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    Re: oak tree

    Thor, great work. The background is wonder. How deep is the background on this piece as compared to the other one? I like the veins in the leaves. Good job, can't wait for the greenman.



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      Re: oak tree

      Thanks, the idea of making of model of real leaves had not occured to me. I am drawing a lot more than I was to work out designs prior to carving. Also, I'm trying to work with the tools that I have rather than make them fit into places that they just don't work in. The design changes once I'm in the wood to fit the curve of a gouge for instance.

      HI Dylan,
      The background of the oaktree with the tooled background is about 1/2" from the surface.
      The other one only went about 3/8". It's not much difference, but one of the things that I learned is to use much bigger gouges to remove more wood at a swipe, and not to be afraid to mess up the background as it will be the last thing I put the finishing touches to. I literally pushed the gouge right off of the end of the leaves into the background to give the appearance of depth to the leaves.
      That made the background go deeper. I tooled it to give a contrast, but also because the tight places that deep made it difficult to really clean out the background in some spots. Kind of a cheap fix that works.
      Thanks again.