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    Hello all,

    I was referred to this forum by a wood carver and hope I am in the right place.

    I am looking for someone to take on a carving project as I have no experience and am looking for a particular piece.

    I am looking for a custom carved tap handle for a bar. I have attached a picture of the crest that I would want on top with the name of the bar. For the shaft of the handle I was thinking a braided vine like design. I have attached a very shotty sketch of what I am thinking. The handle would need to be durable and would need a threaded nut in the bottom to attach to a tap tower.

    The crest would look something like the attached picture (on the top) with the handle looking something like the picture of the vines. I would want the handle straight and probably about one foot tall in total. The crest would be about an inch thick and about 3-4 inches in diameter, while the shaft to be about an inch and a half in diameter.

    I\\\'m not 100% confident in the measurements but need it to be very sturdy and applicable. I also need a proper sized nut embedded within the bottom of the shaft in order to screw it on to the tower. I\\\'m sure you have seen a beer tap handle and can envision what I\\\'m talking about.

    On one side please write friendship- loyalty- love

    Other side- claddagh pub

    There is no major need for extreme detail.

    I\\\'m not very artistic but I think you can understand where I\\\'m going with it...

    Please reach out with any questions and let me know if you would be willing to take on a project like this. I honestly have no idea as to what something like this would normally cost or where to go about getting this order filled. I am somewhat negotiable on price as long as its within reason.

    Please provide any feedback you may think necessary.Crest.jpgDrawing.jpgvine.jpgCrest.jpgDrawing.jpgvine.jpg

    Thank you all in advance for your assistance in this matter!


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    Re: Project for Pay...

    If you don\'t have any takers on this yet, I\'ll do it at a very reasonable price.

    My main question is what sort of wood do you want this made from. That will say a lot about how much time it will take and how difficult it will be to carve.

    You can contact me directly at [email protected]