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Carving a Madonna out of Pine

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  • Carving a Madonna out of Pine

    Hello all,
    I am new to this forum.
    II have been carving for almost 2 years now. Most was relief, wood spirits, and chipcarving and thought that I should step up my game and carve something more complex. The reason I never carved \"In-The-Round\" was because where I am not much wood is available. Only boards. I recently had a storm and a pine tree branch fell off. The branch it about 3 inches thick. I cut a piece 7 inches Long. I would like to try a Madonna statue. I know this is probably too advanced for me, but I just want to try it and practice, so I don\'t care if I mess up.
    Any advice on carving this would be helpful! Also if there are videos on carving a Madonna or figures that are the same size as my wood piece please share.
    Thank you

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    Re: Carving a Madonna out of Pine

    You don\'t mention where you are located. If we knew, we might be able to suggest wood sources to you.

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      Re: Carving a Madonna out of Pine

      You might have problems with the branch you cut off. It may well split as it dries and that would trash the whole thing. Make sure you seal the cut ends with paint or wax to minimize that possibility.