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\"BLINKY BILL\" Exposed!

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  • \"BLINKY BILL\" Exposed!

    About eight or nine months ago when I was in the middle of my first cancer battle a good friend of mine from here on the Woodcarver’s Illustrated Forum called me up all the way from down under in southern Australia just to throw a little Aussie cheer my way and throw down the gauntlet at me. He challenged me to carve a “Blinky Bill.”

    Now you’re going to ask what a “Blinky Bill” is? Wikipedia states that Blinky Bill is an anthropomorphic koala and children\'s fictional character created by New Zealand-born Australian author Dorothy Wall. The character of Blinky first appeared in Brooke Nicholls\' 1933 book, Jacko - the Broadcasting Kookaburra, which was illustrated by Wall.

    But you will also probably recognize “Blinky Bill” as my buddy’s well known screen name here on the Woodcarving Illustrated Forum. And that’s the only reason I accepted the challenge!

    And until he’d challenged me to carve it I hadn’t even given it a second thought as to what it meant. And a challenge it was because converting a one-dimensional cartoon figure to a 3-dimensional carving in the round totally exhausted the limits of my little old pea-pickin\' brain\'s whittlin’ expertise.

    So if you’re reading this “Blinky Bill,” I hope it’s close to what you had in mind because it’s going in the mail and should arrive by seagull, gooney bird, or pelican some time between now and next year.

    And for the record, “Blinky Bill” is also quite well known in his area of Australia, having been written up in his local newspaper for the comfort birds that he carves and donates to the nuns at St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne for distribution to sick and distressed patients. To date he has carved hundreds of comfort birds and comfort crosses.
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    Re: \"BLINKY BILL\" Exposed!

    Hi Eddy, That was nice of Blinky Bill and I\'m sure you will remember that Thought forever. So that is what a Blinky Bill looks like. Nice piece of work Eddy, thanks for sharing your work and how people can still be NICE. Merle


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      Re: \"BLINKY BILL\" Exposed!

      Well Eddy···Blinky Will undoubtedly set your carving in a special place. Hope all is going well with the treatments. For myself I find that carving helps with day to day harmony.
      Great carving, and you can not miss him because of the voicetrust paint . . .JoeB
      . . .JoeB


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        Re: \"BLINKY BILL\" Exposed!

        Blinky Bill is the real deal and so are you Eddy! That\'s a sweet little Blinky Bill carving. Best of health to you and Blinky.


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          Re: \"BLINKY BILL\" Exposed!

          Well done, Eddy!

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            Re: \"BLINKY BILL\" Exposed!

            HI, Eddy you carved a Great Image of \'Blinky Bill\', thanks for sharing
            with and the great courage you show in fighting that \'Monster\' that you
            are fighting off, your attitude is very encouraging for others.
            Get Well Soon,


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              Re: \"BLINKY BILL\" Exposed!

              Blinky is really cool, Eddie.