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My first carving project (Old Captain)

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  • My first carving project (Old Captain)

    Well here it is. Wow am I hooked. I stayed up late last night after I finally received everything. Now I am groggy this morning. I can't wait until after work tonight to start again on this little guy. What do you guys thing? Any advice? Carve bottom to top or what? Thanks.

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    Re: My first carving project (Old Captain)'re hooked for life! And that's a good thing!

    As for suggestions......get your over all general shape down first, then worry about detail. I learned that early on and it never failed me . Good start.

    Before they slip me over the standing part of the fore sheet, let them pipe: "Up Spirits" one more time.


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      Re: My first carving project (Old Captain)

      Oh boy! This is just the beginning. You're lucky. Discovering wood carving at a young age is much better than when you're old (like I did). Good start. Thanks for sharing. Don't forget to share the finished product too. Tom H


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        Re: My first carving project (Old Captain)

        Bob's got that right on......get your basic shape down first. One added bit that may not get brought up too often, but if you pencil in center line along the axis of symetry (front and back) it helps you keep the carving balanced. Also be sure to redraw the basic reference lines as you go, head block, body, coat bottom, etc.



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          Re: My first carving project (Old Captain)

          Looking like a great start.

          Keep your tools sharp, take small steps when carving and work around the whole piece, eventually it will all come together.

          Let me also say, please keep your first carving, sign it, date it, but keep it, you'll be surprised in a few months down the road at how much you've advanced.

          Good luck, Bill