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  • Bear, Owl, Doe

    It is leap day and I am leaping ahead with my woodcarving working on three carvings. These are the ones I hope to get done this year. Right click and click on open in new window to get a larger version of the photos.

    A while back I posted photos of the Snow Bear showing the area of bad wood that I had carved out and repaired. I took this carving with me to work on while Diana was seeing our Internist.
    A lady came over to take a look at the bear and asked about the patch. I explained what I had done and that this would force me to paint the bear, which I really wished I did not have to do. She said, You should leave it like it is. That will definitely show that it is hand carved.

    I stated that I did not think folks would like it left white. She replied, If anyone says that they do not like that patch, tell them, It is a good thing it is not yours then! Isn\'t it! In spite of her enthusiastic viewpoint. I am cleaning out the charcoal. Then will decide how I will go about hiding the patch. I added the Apoxy eyes and have them shaped for painting. I think I am at the point of painting.

    I am also working on a Snowy Owl. The majority of my time will be spent on the feathers. I penciled them on and sanded them off at least half a dozen times. The wing feathers are very taxing. I lightly carved them in so that I would not have to worry about the initial cuts as I reshaped the feather to what I hope will be the final form.

    I kept track of my carving time for the first 80 hours and realized this was too much of a pain. I am pretty sure that I can stay under 300 carving hours to get it done.

    The third carving is a White-tail doe. Most carvers opt for a buck and I, initially, intended to add antlers to this one. Then I decided to take my carving in a new direction and up a notch. I have long been fascinated with using brass tubing and foil to make vegetation for a carving. I hope to form a vine with leaves that curves up and around the doe.
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    Re: Bear, Owl, Doe

    Very nice, Paul, as we have come to expect from you! I look forward to seeing the finished products.


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      Re: Bear, Owl, Doe

      Looking good Paul, the bear is outstanding, will be eagerly waiting to see the others as they progress. . .JoeB
      . . .JoeB


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        Re: Bear, Owl, Doe

        Very nice