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Chuck Wagon Cook...Page III

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  • Chuck Wagon Cook...Page III

    Finally finished carving the Cook today. The biscuits are in the Dutch Oven and the beans are in the pot. The bottom two pieces of the base are finished so the next step is to build a fire and scenic the ground area. The shovel will be stuck in a mound of dirt behind the fire once the scene is complete. When that's all done will start the painting.

    I hope you've been following along on the Blog. We're up to the 5th installment.

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    Re: Chuck Wagon Cook...Page III

    Lynn - you're doing such VALUABLE work for us it's incredible. Thank you.


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      Re: Chuck Wagon Cook...Page III

      Man, I am impressed. Your work is fantastic and you are generous to share your ideas.

      Just wondering, I grew up in Joplin, MO. I have two trips back there this year for both sets of parents 50th anniversaries. Do you have a shop in Jay where you display your work? I would love to see your work first hand.

      Just wondering. PM if you would like.

      Again, thank you for sharing your work with us.



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        Re: Chuck Wagon Cook...Page III

        Yep, Impressive for sure and you make it look so easy.
        Excellent carving and tutorial.


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          Re: Chuck Wagon Cook...Page III

          yes lynn,
          i know this is a real effort on you and somebody else who is photographing, give her a peck on the cheek, from all us.. and remember today is her day...

          thanks for sharing your skills, information and knowledge, something we can all use more of. the concept is comming through loud and clear., and from replys looks like others are as appricative as i am. thanks again.

          did i miss something? 5th installment?
          your talking about backrounds and beans, im still missing a head and arms,

          arnt we still at Cuffs, Legs, Shirts and a Little Bit Of Sanding on the lesson or did the dog eat my homework already...

          truly im trying to keep up, but im still stuck struggling with a 3x6x12 block of basswood trying to get the pattern knocked out, its thicker than the capasity of my scrollsaw and im stuck with a coping saw cutting out the pattern, so im lagging but im saving the instructions.... as best i can in case


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            Re: Chuck Wagon Cook...Page III

            Thomp.....Sorry..I counted all the posts. No, you havent missed anything. Coping saw? Boy, you are dedicated.

            Greg....Check out my website and you'll see a photo of my Gallery we have out here in the country. You, or anyone for that matter, is more than welcome to stop in for a visit. I have my larger scenes in the Gallery so it might be worth a look. All we ask is that you call before you come as we're gone sometimes and wouldn't want you to make the trip only to find there was no one here. Please! Stop by!


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              Re: Chuck Wagon Cook...Page III

              Not that dedicated, maybe just that tight, i just bought $40.00 worth of basswood and you can carry the package on one hand, i expect this wood to last a while.
              besides lots of hounds can be made out of this projects scraps from a 3x6x12 block... guess i could mallet & chizzle it out, but with my luck it would split and run down the center.

              ill catch up bout 3 weeks after everybodys done...maybe

              Q: Lynn the tape on your glove is it veltrap? the stuff that only sticks to its self? i seen it sold on different sites where the kevlar gloves and thumb guards are sold but no mention of what its used for.??