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Barking is so much fun!!

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  • Barking is so much fun!!


    My hubby came up with that one. He told my mother I was in the back room barking....

    Anyway.. these are the new ones from the last two days. I LOVE working with this bark.

    AND.. now get this.. its all done with out the use of a dremel. Yup.. I retired it. I hauled out the 'other' tools from Ricks beginners kit and started to play with them. That flat one.. wowsa... cleans that bark off and gives me flat planes to work with. I cut my window frames and ladder with that tool in mind and I can get nice deep windows and ladder rungs with that tool.

    The flat one with the point on it.. works wonders in crooked windows.

    My next experiment is to try that U shaped one for U shaped shingles.. not sure it will work yet.. but hey.. I'm Barking!!

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    Re: Barking is so much fun!!

    I forgot to ask my question... *rolls eyes at self*

    What are you other 'barkers' putting on the backs of your bark carvings for hanging?


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      Re: Barking is so much fun!!

      Drill a !/4 or 3/8 inch hole in the top center to the depth you want. Saw tooth hangers. Some stores you can get them in the big packs. Glued and nailed.
      Make your own hangers out of wire.

      I like the hole in the bark the best even tho I have done all the above.


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        Re: Barking is so much fun!!

        BTW, I forgot to tell you, Excellent bark carvings Marci!


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          Re: Barking is so much fun!!


          i thought i was teaching my 2 yr old grandson crazy things by teaching him animal sounds, we set on his front porch barking like hound dogs,

          he dont talk much, so to build his confidence im doing all we can,,,
          grandmaw called from work, the other day and asked where i was talking to my daughter, my daughter said i had her son on the front porch barking at the mailman and all the neibors....

          your right it is fun barking HAW~!

          I finished your tool will get it in the mail monday....


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            Re: Barking is so much fun!!

            Thumbs Up Wow Marci you are a barker girl! Love um....


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              Re: Barking is so much fun!!

              That's quite a few pieces over two days...especially without using a motor! I rarely pick up my rotary tool anymore but I know its there if I need it. Great carvings Marci.