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Update on Indian mask

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  • Update on Indian mask

    With old man winter stopping by this week I had to relocate to the basement from the shop in the garage.

    I keep forgetting to take a side view shot so only one NEW picture this time and the last updated shot for comparison.

    I noticed everything from the chin down was starting to go askew on me. In other words the right side (as you view) was cut in deeper then the left. I ended up carving the ponytail on the (our) left twice and adjusted the scarf & button to square things up again. I'll be working on the hair bands again tonight to straighten them up a bit more and then start the wraps in the bands so keep your fingers crossed for me...unless your carving or running a bandsaw

    The face was brought out a bit more by relieving the hair, as well as the cape around the hair to bring it out more on the sides.
    The front lower part of the cape was also pushed back under the tails of the scarf to bring them foreward too.
    I also started blocking out the wolf head on the headdress some. The end grain is ALL kinds of fun...NOT!

    Thanks for looking.

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    Re: Update on Indian mask

    wow looks great so far~! I cant wait to see the finished work.


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      Re: Update on Indian mask

      Really looking good! You're doing the part I totally fear. The Rough-out stage gives me the willies. So many chances to mess up.

      Your proportions look good.


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        Re: Update on Indian mask

        Tony, your carving is looking real nice. Sounds like your taking your time, and thats good. Keep evaluating your progress like you have been and that's going to turn out to be an excellent piece.


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          Re: Update on Indian mask

          Thanks guys!

          I know what you mean about the rough out stages. That is one area I try to work hard at.
          I’m not there yet, but by NOT jumping to the detail work too soon, and really trying to lay a good foundation first for the detail, my pieces have started to turn out better in the end. At least I think?
          The detail work is fun and exciting especially when you see the carving come alive so sometimes it hard to wait, but if I start to soon, it either doesn’t look right or I end up doing it over.

          Thanks for the encouragement and checking on my project. Sometime I get frustrated with only having an hour before work and an hour in the evening to carve, if I’m lucky, but it does give me time to evaluate my progress in stages and make adjustments as I see them (If I see them)

          Here’s something that I’ve started doing on this project that I’ve never done before, since I’ve been taking and posting picture here, I’ve started setting the background on my PC here at work with the latest picture. Throughout the day I can study it from that perspective, which I think has helped me spot some fixable flaws and kind of helps me with figuring out my next plan of attack.

          …well the wife wants to go out to a movie tonight, Casino Royale. I need to pick up my daughter from a birthday party afterwards. Saturday we are going wine tasting with a group of friends. Sunday is Church so I might get some carving time in late Sunday…or next week.

          here is last night and this mornings progress.


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            Re: Update on Indian mask

            Nice work on the mask. Great watching something like this appear. Keep up the good work.

            Before they slip me over the standing part of the fore sheet, let them pipe: "Up Spirits" one more time.


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              Re: Update on Indian mask

              Here is what I got done Sunday evening.

              I got a little more shape in the cape and started working on the face this weekend. The nose and mouth are pretty much done...I think?
              I added some detail work on the neck area but the chin needs a bit more work still.

              Steve, this is the part that gives me the willies. All the time roughing out and now is when I can really screw things up and that’s what I fear the most. My hands are sweating like crazy on this part.

              I’m pretty happy with the progress so far although I’m having a bit of trouble with tear out and the crosscuts aren’t as clean as I was hoping for. Guess I need to work on sharpening some more. The right side (our left) of the cape is giving me fits with tear out or chips too…errrr

              Oh well I’ve accomplished one of my main objectives which was to carve without power tools. Other then the first two cuts with the bandsaw. The second goal was to carve a face and that’s working out well too…so far.

              I’m not done yet but its going all right to this point.


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                Re: Update on Indian mask

                Wow, Tony that looks great! Nice strong features and good strong cuts .. I think that is how you say it... You have a lot of talent.. Charlotte


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                  Re: Update on Indian mask

                  You can certainly tell there's a Native Indian taking shape. I'm very impressed how closely you were able to follow Jeff's specs. I look forward to see how you do his pupils as Jeff's technique has light shining right through the back of the eyes.


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                    Re: Update on Indian mask

                    yes don't forget I AM doing this from Jeffs book and trying to follow it as close as possible Red Face
                    I'm still not as deep as he gets in the book so mine isn't standing out like I wanted...but better then the Mt. Man I had started before this.

                    I did some work on the eyes last night, here's a couple pic's. I think they look a little small though.

                    What do you all think about their size?
                    I'm still Hammer on some of more subtle facial features before I put in the pupil. (this is my favorite part of carving)
                    I've pushed back and angled the brow some and started working on the bags under the eye's and cheek area.