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1st carving work for 2007

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    Re: 1st carving work for 2007

    He is looking great!

    What period (era) is he from?


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      Re: 1st carving work for 2007

      Great job Ash! Really nice carving! I like your details!



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        Re: 1st carving work for 2007

        Don By the Lake said : I have been kind of in a slump lately as far as carving. Need inspiration I guess. Been thinking about your "Tree of Life" carving.
        That was a simple chip carving , I know you could do better than I did , you know if you liked it , why not make one for your family and combine it with your family tree. Something I was thinking about doing. That would be quite a family gift, well in my opinion. Just a thought. =)

        Just Carving micro tools a workout, From the amount of detail, I assume you're using micro tools, right?
        You know I never even thought about what tools I was using , but when you asked that I looked at what I had used and realized , the pfiel plam set I picked up when there were on sell and the flexcult detail knife has been the only tools I have used. So basically 4 gouges and 2 v- tools and a knife. But it could have been done with full size tools the plam tools just a bit more controll. My mirco cutters have not been touched and I have no dockyard or mirco cutters of that size.

        Slivers and Dust asked:What period (era) is he from?
        He would be from the 1750 - 1790 period. The Coat is a long waistcoat design. Which was shortened in the early 1800's. The Shoes are single buckle and show a left and right foot, earlier shoes were blocked meaning they were designed for either foot. He is wearing breeches which were kneelength pants with pull strings to tie them just below the knee, with the high waistline which lasted until after the early 1800's when the preferred dress became a full legged pant for men with high boots. Wink

        Thanks Blake

        He isn't a commission, just something I wanted to do It will give me a chance to really work on some flowing motion and that is something I wanted to try.

        Thanks all , there is nothing like the support from this board.


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          Re: 1st carving work for 2007

          Really well done Ash! Great old trapper/trader! Super detail. Looking forward to the next level.

          Before they slip me over the standing part of the fore sheet, let them pipe: "Up Spirits" one more time.


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            Re: 1st carving work for 2007

            Nice carving I think one of your best yet. I havent picked up a knife or chisel or chainsaw for over a week. Still looking for some inspiration but looks like you have it all.
            Jim - The Doing is as much fun as the Viewing!
            Jackson, MS


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              Re: 1st carving work for 2007

              Thanks Bob and Colin,

              Almost finished with the first child that will go with the trapper

              Anyway she is pretty small just over 3 inches tall .



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                Re: 1st carving work for 2007

                Ash, Boy do I love your trader, great details, really like the coat work, fringe, hair braids, it's going to be fantastic when done. thanks, Bill