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wip through the holidays

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  • wip through the holidays

    finished up some wip's through the holidays

    I have posted my photos on
    Check out my photo album called: "dec06"

    still got 3 buckets full of projects to catch up to finish

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    Re: wip through the holidays

    Look at all those meses! Good job Thomp on all of them. Ua been a busy little mice eh?


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      Re: wip through the holidays

      Hey Thomp! That's the first I have seen toes on a five inch doll. Good job. Keep it up. Tom H


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        Re: wip through the holidays

        practice makes perfect
        messes and toes...."
        prefection or six each...

        wife just said gotta make toes to make a Whole foot!


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          Re: wip through the holidays

          I love the shelf mice... maybe better than the shelf elve's that some posted some time back. I've gotta have some of those!

          Great job and thanks for the idea!
          Dave Brock


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            Re: wip through the holidays

            yep from the pattern posted somewhere on the wci.

            found that a 2" coil of invisible thread for whiskers pulled through a super small hole with a loop of same material & glued into place with elmers works so much better than anything else i could find,
            After photos were taken I also used black glass beads for eyes.

            the cat loves them!

            i put one on my daughters computer without her knowing and she flipped out !
            hee hee!!


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              Re: wip through the holidays

              Great looking meese, Thomas - I can think of a few places around the house to put one...but I'd have to sleep on the couch for a month if I did!

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                Re: wip through the holidays

                oh well i got the empty nest syndrome here
                i stay in trouble and i got a extra bedroom, i call mine... so it dont make too much difference.

                i came back from michels with more glass beads for eyes, today so if i do it ill get a whippin.... i think ill do it again with a mouse of a different color....

                oh they make a great cat toy if you rig them on a fishing line..... my old cat has run them to death


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                  Re: wip through the holidays

                  I just love those little mice!!!
                  Make some with their head pointing out or sideways, huh?


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                    Re: wip through the holidays

                    i have made a couple stretch versions of them head down is about 3 inches not including the 3" leather tail but with looking forward kind they grow 2 mote inches for some reason....
                    thanks for the comments
                    apparently i like them rough cut (not smoothly finished) because the picture shows i didnt take enough time to do them completely

                    oh the round glass beads worked great for the eyes


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                      Re: wip through the holidays

                      Hey Thomp! I think your mice are nicer than the plans that I have seen. Yours have more detail, especially with the front legs. I really like what you've done here. Tom H


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                        Re: wip through the holidays

                        Great mice Thomp. I made a similar one for my granddaughter yesterday, she painted it and took off with it to play with before I could get a pic snapped!

                        I like yours better, I didn't use glass beads for eyes or insert whiskers. Too hard to finish properly with a five year old tugging at you every seconf minute, "Is it done yet Grampie?"

                        Before they slip me over the standing part of the fore sheet, let them pipe: "Up Spirits" one more time.


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                          Re: wip through the holidays

                          yep tom it just took a little more time and some imagination.... you could easily do the same if you got bored...

                          bob, i too have a grandson that is my favorite critic, hes just 2 1/2 yrs old, and really dont hold much of a conversation but when i was carving them toy soldiers after Kenny's pattern grandson was right there interjecting his opinion.

                          po - po no arm
                          po - po no paint
                          po - po no nose.
                          until i had them both done,
                          uninterested my 2 10/12 yr old grand Daugher didnt even want to touch hers, so my grandson grabbed then both and ran off shouting MINE.... on his way to wear off the paint,,,

                          the grand daughter is more off into the hitty bitty dolls, you know she can snatch off a dolls arm faster than i can rebuild them... and she is just dressing them

                          kids, too cute to abandon and illeagle to beat them,, whaat ya do?


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                            Re: wip through the holidays

                            Love, the mice Thomas.. very cute. Who wouldn't want a pair of them? Where did you get your pattern?
                            I've got to get away from Santas for awhile and do something cute! Charlotte