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  • What to carve?

    A friend gave me a large piece of walnut left over from a piece he had milled for a mantle at one time - two feet long, one foot high, and almost four inches thick. This is a piece he had in his garage for years, so it's well dried.

    What would you suggest I try to carve out of it? I thought about a large Santa, but I think the dark wood would not be good for that... I'm open to all ideas, but reserve the right to let it sit in my basement for more years Smile

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    Re: What to carve?

    If it were my piece of wood, I would at least consider a corbel to use as a brace for a shelf.
    Just a suggestion...
    I found a picture of some in the carvers gallery here and this is the link to them:


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      Re: What to carve?

      I don't know Claude if I would carve it or cut it up and make bases out of it. Could get a lot of bases out of it. I know many uses Oak but Walnut is pretty also. Different thickness and sizes can be made from that chunk!
      Just another avenue to travel down!


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        Re: What to carve?

        set it aside where you can see it when you daydream, you will look one day and see a great stallion emerging from the grain,

        grab a pencil and sketch what you see and go back to daydreaming.. it will work its self out in time.


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          Re: What to carve?

          24 X 12 X 4 is a nice piece of wood, and to start , I wouldn't suggest cutting it up. A nice piece like that is too hard to come by for a solid carving.

          As to what to carve, study it. Let it sit on your bench in various attitudes......horizontal, vertical, turn it every so often 90 degrees to expose all the sides, and just study it.

          You could try photographing the piece from all angles/sides and e-mailing a few folks the pictures to get their opinion, or post them here for general opinions. Some folks will be more inspired with ideas by actually looking at the wood.

          Suggestions of what to carve ........ to start with, you could always send it to me, I have just the image in mind for a piece that size! Otherwise ....... it would make a great ships hull carved with all the detail, or a nice deep relief carving, (nautical scene of course), or a carved small table top, or a small shelf mantle with a carved edge, or a soldier/warrior standing. I could offer more once I had seen the piece of wood.

          Bob ....... envious of your bounty! Smile
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