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    Several of you have asked how my other projects are moving along.This one I had posted as casts before,many were interested so instead of responding separately I decided to post them here.What you are looking at are the molds I pulled from the original carvings. They are 8ft and 10 ft long carvings of a variety of fruit and vegtables. You can see more details in the swag,sitting on the form I made in preparation of pulling a mold from it. This piece is 24 inches wide ( fits a 20 inch round column) and is 3 ft long,the columns themselves are 25ft high.I essentially built a section of the column to act as a base to do the molding on.In this case , due to their limited budget ( a beer budget with champagne tastes) it was cheaper than carving 4 more drops and 4 more swags,,,hey it's work,, and I'm learning quite a bit. Like how it takes 11 gallons of resin,($50.00/gal) 15 yds of fiberglass mat,and 10 gallons of rubber mold compound just to get to this point.Let alone all the Dutch gold they'll take to cover them.Well at least they'll look nice hanging in the church,,,, I hope!

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    looking good, thanks for the update