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High Speed Carvers - Vortex F5

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  • High Speed Carvers - Vortex F5

    Anybody tried the new Vortex F5 from sculptingstudio yet?

    I'm using an NSK Presto II for my engraving and it is still going strong but wanted to see if anyone had any opinions.


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    Hi Tree
    I have the F5 and it seems to do a good job, I just got it and have not had time to fully test it because it has been so cold up here. I can run the radio or cd player while the compressor and F5 are running with no problem, you can also carry on a conversation while using it. The power on mine at 38 lbs pressure is 435,000 rpm's.
    Thats about all i can tell you right now.


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      What are you doing for dust control?


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        I use a DC725 Portable dust collector made by Penn State Industries. I engrave gun stocks so I take off the acrylic panels and engrave right next to the unit.


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          Hi Robson
          I have basically the same type unit except from a company in California, You can sit and watch the dust roll right into it. I also wear a throw away face mask.


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            I have the Vortex F5. I also have the Power Carver from SCM. The Vortex F5 has very little power and torque. It bogs down and stalls out very easy while I do my tracing for my outlining. The Power Carver has so much more power and control. There is no comparison. I read on the Vortex site about their claims about having the most power and all the fancy talk about the Vortex tool. One of the most annoying features is the full 38psi of air the blows out the front of the hand piece which causes all the dust to blow all over my studio. It goes everywhere. It is also extremely loud. In my opinion the Power Carver is a much better tool. I am going to do a full comparison on YouTube to show the differences. I hope this helps you out.