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  • powerful and safe rotary tool


    i want to buy a rotary tool +flexible shaft and handpiece for power carving and there aren't any Foredom motors in my location, so i've decided to buy a powerful motor about 500 watts from Balkan motors.
    when i compare this to foredom carving kit this power is more than necessary but i'm concerned about safety. is it safe to use this powerful motor with some saburtooth like burrs (1/4") or anything else because of high torque of motor?
    i've attached the motor catalog.

    thank you very much
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    It should work well for this.
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      It should work fine. I would recommend wearing a leather apron, if a burr hits cotton cloth it will grab, but with leather it will just eat a hole in the leather.


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        I presume you are set up to use 220v machine, the leather apron is a good piece of advice


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          I'm fairly sure that Mahdi is running 220VAC @ 50Hz, given the selection of motor and source.
          I see no mention of any flexible shaft except the claim in the catalog. 0 - 18,000 rpm sure would be nice.

          Next time I'm in the city, will swing by PraxAir and have a look at welder's leather aprons.


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            thank you mpounders, dogcathcher, scotia carver, Robson Valley.

            yes i will run with 220v AC.

            using leather is really good advice that i didn't know.


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              I had a long conversation about flex shafts with a few master craftsman a few days ago.....they hate them because the flex shaft is always breaking. I am always dragging my flex shafts over and asking I got really good flex shafts that are heavy duty ....but they break and is a cost factor of replacement of shafts. They ask me....
              You still using them,....why are you using them????
              Fact is all the flex shafts I have today have been given to me.......because the wood people here....hate them with a passion. I had to laugh.... I am starting agree with you guys. So what I got to is not the motor that is the issue as much as it is flex shaft. The flex shaft has lots of areas that wear down because of spinning inside the shaft. I really do not know why I use them.....they are expensive to maintain..... Today I use a die grinder with a foot pedal for slow speed with my larger bits...and the flex shafts are getting used less and less. Just something to chew on .....


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                Dear Dileon,
                could you please tell us about your setup (die grinder + foot pedal)?
                which die grinder do you recommend for carving?

                Thank you so much


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                  I use a Power Maintained Foot Switch , make sure the foot pedal has an grounded outlet on the back of the pedal..... which I hook the die grinder into....this lets me control the speed from zero to fast. So easy hook up.... die grinder into the foot pedal, foot pedal into the electrical cord which goes into the electric switch. Great for outdoor usage. An it is cheaper then buying a die grinder with a switch. Die grinders spin to fast and often feel dangerous.....with the carving bits such as Sabruu tooth bits. I was recommend by Don on this board.... to get a Makita as the best and they can do the heavy work of rough out. I have four of them,.... as I switch them out with the different bit in them.. One of my Makitas has a power switch which I no longer use and note they are expensive when they do have the switch. One great thing about the die grinder, issues .....and long lasting. The only thing is that that they are big .....and you will need to learn hold the thing with both hands and work it. The thing I really like about this set up as I can turn off the electric by lifting a foot....where as before I was messing with the switches and the works. This set up was recommend by a master craftsman.....I love it. Because it has turn my grinders into a very large dremel...LOL This easy-to-operate foot switch allows you to operate table routers, scroll saws, drill presses, lathes and rotary tools hands-free. Installation is easy - simply plug the foot switch into a grounded outlet, then plug the machine into the foot switch. A two-step design allows you to press once to turn the switch on and again to turn the switch off. You can get these switches on Amazon and other places.

                  On note: if you use just bass wood you may get a flex shaft that works for a long time for there are people on here that has had their flex shaft a very long time. Ha...ha... I am not one of them. It is also noted I carve medium to large items.....if you carve small a die grinder is to big and will not work for you. Then I say stick with dremel like items with sharp Kutzal bits....China is starting to produce long last ones....for twenty dollars, or go for Black and Decker,...better then dremal and last as long.


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                    Dileon, I appreciate your help.


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                      Some one gave me this motor with bunch of flex good thing about this is the motor does not jump like the little ones. I use it with a stop switch on the floor,....if I need a slower speed then I use a speed control switch. Right now it is used the most out of all my different flex shaft machines.