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‘The Pride of the Sioux’ life size bust

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  • ‘The Pride of the Sioux’ life size bust

    Hi I’m knew here. I thought I’d post a carving I did a few years ago. I was born and raised in Wyoming USA ( I now live in Australia. ) I always had a deep respect for the native Sioux nation of the Midwest so when I started carving I knew that I would carve something celebrating the Sioux someday. ‘The Pride of the Sioux’ is carved from a single piece of Italian Stone Pine ( which I’ve never heard of till a local tree cutter I know called and asked if I wanted it. ) And it carves very nicely too.

    I’m a power carver with Chainsaws, Grinders and Dremels. I started carving as a hobby in 2005 and went full time in 2010.and I’ve been very blessed to be able to do what I love everyday. Thank you for looking.
    Regards Richard Yates
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    Hi Richard, Welcome, that is Simply an OUTSTANDING piece of Work. Looking forward in seeing more of your Work. Merle


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      Awesome work! I am a history buff, especially that part after the civil war. I think the Sioux were some of the best plainsmen and fiercest fighters!


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        Richard, I checked out your web site and I am glad I did. Such beautiful work! Living near the Tetons, I especially enjoyed seeing that mantle piece. The miners in the water, brings back memories of my dad. Thank you for sharing, it was a nice way to start my day.


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          Richard, welcome to the forum.....tons of great people here, great information and good old fashion fun. I am sure you will enjoy the group. Outstanding work, details are perfect....looks like you have reach the heights of great work. I am sure you are proud ....looking forward to seeing your work on forum!!!! Di
          . Explore! Dream! Discover!” aloha Di


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            WOW!! Stunning work!! Enjoyed your site and the video. I hope to see more.
            Is all the head dress wood?... Lace in the back?


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              Exceptional! Welcome



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                First of all, that's a stunning piece of work...a masterpiece second to none! Secondly, welcome to the forums! I look forward to seeing more of your outstanding work.
                Keep On Carvin'
                Bob K.

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                  Richard, you're a pusher, one who will drive us all to improve our works.

                  Welcome to our site, glad you are here
                  . . .JoeB


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                    Beautiful work, Richard!

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                      Wow! Thank you all for your responses!
                      Merle. I’m going to try and post something every week and be a active member here and just be a part of it.

                      Tbox61. I’m a history buff too. And the Sioux have a special history to be proud of.

                      Sappy. First I love your name! And you live near the Tetons! Your a lucky man! The Tetons are one of my favourite places on earth. Hence when I carved that mantle for our first home here in Australia it had to have the Tetons on it! Abit of Mantle trivia. It has 3 Native American Indians on it and 35 animals! And it’s 10’ long.

                      The miners carving I call ‘The Diggings’ is 6’ wide and is all about the gold history here in Australia.where I live now. I’m right into the gold history here and I metal detect for gold nuggets in between carving. Our house is on the gold field!

                      Dillon. I’m really looking forward to being apart of this here. I can see from a lot of posts folks are very helpful and just love to talk carving. My kind of people!

                      GregGerard. Thanks Greg. The Video was created by the International Wood Culture Society who sponsor and run World Wood Day. I was invited to the 2014 WWD in China. It was the most incredible 18 days ever! My Wife Karen and i met carvers from 57 countries absolutely some of the most welcoming and incredibly talented carvers you’d ever see in one place. And to spend 18 days with them ,well It was pretty special.
                      4 montres later they sent a film crew here to us in Chewton , Victoria and they filmed the bio docoumentary. Great people.

                      on the head dress and laces on the back are all from the one piece of wood, no add ons. Just a lot of planning. I made a small clay maquette to get my head around all the feathers and how they would lay. I even took some bailing wire and bent up a daisy chain of feathers to angle them to use also as a study piece. Time well spent and it all helps to achieve the best outcome. And on the laces I just use a fine small Kutzall burr and let it slowly do its work with little pressure to cut under the laces and around them.

                      Tinwood thank you

                      BobK. Thank you so much Bob!

                      JoePaulButler. Thanks JoeB. I’m looking forward to helping anyway I can and just being apart of this.

                      Claude. Thanks much


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                        Beautiful bust, Richard! Exceptional work. Welcome to the forum.


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                          If I said your work is OUTSTANDING, It's because I couldn't think of any other
                          word to describe your artistic gift to the world of wood carvers, then as I typed
                          my response to your work I can only say it's awesome!
                          Thanks for sharing with us.


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                            It would be a Tremendous carving if it had add ons....But my gosh as one piece of wood that was quite a undertaking, with all the undercutting.


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                              Welcome, I have to tell you....your carving and finishing is outstanding. The profile blow me away I couldn't get over how life-like your carving presents itself.