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  • ’ Lady on the Fence ‘ Life Size

    Hi there
    I thought I’d post another life size carving that’s one of the series for the street sculptures of Chewton, Victoria, Australia. This one is of Mrs Frances White. Who experienced something in her backyard in 1949 that I dare say not many of us have experienced, Or have ever wanted too!

    I will do a bit of cliff hanging here and make you read from the pics below. One is her story on the plaque that occompanies her sculpture. And the other is from the local paper about the unveiling of the sculpture.

    And a interesting side note is that this particular event happened right next door to our house!!!

    I know every town has some amazing story’s of events that have occurred. But it’s great that our little town is getting into sharing our stories with everyone. Even though they may not be historic they are great stories non the less!

    Mrs White is carved from White Cedar. All with power tools and it took about a month.

    Regards Richard
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    You are a gifted artist. Thanks for sharing. What is the wood you use to carve her?
    We live in the land of the free because of the brave! Semper Fi


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      Well done, Richard! I love the way your town tells it's memorialize people and places that, while perhaps not earth shattering (earth sinking notwithstanding), are nonetheless very interesting locally and the foundation of it's unique history. And so nicely done, too!


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        Very nice work indeed. Who are your inspirations, carvers/sculptors that have had influence on you?


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          Hi Randy. I used White Cedar for this carving. It’s one of my favourite woods to carve. It’s not indiginious to our area and very rare. There are a few that were planted in someone’s yard or Botanical Gardens say a hundred years ago. I’ve been able to acquire 2 full trees in 13 years!

          Here where I live in Australia there are around 1-2 Kazillion Gum Trees of all types. Their all hard as sin and will split into a million pieces by just looking at them!
          It’s like being in the ocean and not a drop to drink.

          See pic below, a load of precious and rare White Cedar from Trentham, Victoria heading to my place!

          Hi Arthur. Thanks for that! Yes it is cool to be sharing these stories in this way. We get so much great feedback on the sculptures from the locals and from visitors alike. I’m really honoured to be a part of telling these stories in our community.

          Hi Don, Thanks for that Don. I love Grinling Gibbons and his incredibly intricate carvings. Armand Lamontagne. I’ve watched the doco about him ‘Splendid Splinters ‘ like 12 times! His life size, life like carvings of Babe Ruth, Larry Bird, Bobby Orr and Ted Williams are truly brilliant! He is also no less a amazing portrait painter! He’s the Michealangelo of our time in my book.

          Regards Richard

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            I really love the woman, great carving! The story was scary.....can you believe that happening in your yard! Wow....
            . Explore! Dream! Discover!” aloha Di


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              Outstanding work. Well done. What an amazing story too, bet she only took tea after she changed her drawers!



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                Great sculpture and interesting story.