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Life size carving of Alice

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  • Life size carving of Alice

    Hi there. I thought I’d post another of the series of carved sculptures in our little village of Chewton, Australia.
    This one is of Alice Dennis who was a wonderful lady that meant a lot to our community. I’ve included a Newspaper clipping about Alice and a picture of her.
    Alice’s sculpture is located at the entrance of the Chewton community centre. Where she greets everyone with her ever present smile and a wave and carrying her Tupperware containers filled with her famous pavlova!

    I truly feel honoured to carve these sculptures that are special to our community and it’s people.
    Alice is carved from a single piece of cypress and was all carved with Chainsaws and power tools. It took about a month to carve.

    This is the fourth sculpture for Chewton I’ve posted and that is all of them as of now........But....I have just completed the next one for Chewton and it has a dog with it to boot! The installation and unveiling has’nt happened yet but I will post it when it’s made it’s debut!

    Thanks for looking.
    Regards Richard Yates
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    Wow! What a wonderful lady and a wonderful tribute! Beautiful work.


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      That is an absolute marvelous piece!... you sir, are a very talented artist !
      If you're looking for me, you'll find me in a pile of wood chips somewhere...


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        That's a magnificent carving! You captured a perfect likeness of Alice with excellent detail. Terrific carving and painting skills!
        Keep On Carvin'
        Bob K.

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          I really look forward to seeing what you are posting. The people, the stories ....and your wonderful carvings. They are always outstanding work. Can not wait to see the next one. Great work and hard work to do with so many details and so large. I really appreciate you showing all of this.
          . Explore! Dream! Discover!” aloha Di


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            Excellent carving Richard! Your life size figures are a wonderful addition to the community of Chewton.


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              Wonderful choices of subjects with background stories.
              You do justice to big wood.
              Brian T


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                Amazing as always Richard. What do you use to paint? Oils or acrylics?
                We live in the land of the free because of the brave! Semper Fi


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                  Beautiful work, Richard! The details you have included are wonderful!

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                    You only added to this lady's reputation with your fine carving.
                    . . .JoeB


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                      Thank you, Richard! I'm always charmed by your sculptures and your town...the article lends so much to seeing the work you do. Does the town have a website where all of the sculptures are shown together?

                      I'm curious as to who decides which of the folks are to be so honored, and how they are seems that could be a touchy process, thinking of my own area, where statues of historic figures from our Civil War era have been disrespected and removed from public display for political purposes.

                      I look forward to the next unveiling!
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                        Thank you gentlemen very much for your kind comments. I truly appreciate it!

                        Randy. I use a variety of oil and water based paint and stains. It’s kind of what’s available in our paint shop shed at the time is what I use. I can usually mix or create the color I want from what I have which is a good little stock pile. With this sculpture of Alice she is coated with Cabot’s exterior water based Matt polyurathane.

                        Arthur. Great questions. No unfortunately there’s nothing on any official website. Except mine! Below is a flyer that we distribute at every sculpture that has a map of all of their locations in town.
                        On the selection criteria. It’s up to who is funding the sculpture to decide who it will be of. It’s as simple as that. We receive so much positive feedback it is truly amazing! Seeing the Sculpture visited regularly and hearing the locals say how much they mean to them and to hear they bring their visitors around to show them all the sculptures is really so special..... Of course it’s impossible to please all the people, all the time. So you just get on doing what you do.

                        regards Richard
                        You do not have permission to view this gallery.
                        This gallery has 3 photos.
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                          I simply cannot add further to what has already been said. Thank you for sharing with us.