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Dremel Saw Max?

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  • Dremel Saw Max?

    Dremel Saw a mini saw with a three-inch blade. Been major looking at this tool as it has a few blades that seem to be great for cutting a small piece of wood. As people know cutting small items on the bandsaw and almost impossible with a jig saw....this might be an answer to my issues. I do have saw blades for dremels but they also catch and jump. Sort of too dangerous in my book. Anyone get this item and have an opinion about using it?

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    I just bought one (brand new in an estate sale.). Have not had the chance to get to a carving that needs it.
    Physically a lot bigger than a Dremel and runs at twice the rpm.
    Brian T


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      I prefer bench or floor mounted machines to hand-held power tools. Just as your inch-wide gouge is not limited to inch-wide cuts, your band saw is not limited to cuts of maximum height or throat depth. If the blade is too aggressive, switch to a finer tooth blade.


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        I have been considering one, but wanted to wait and see how other folks make out with theirs. Let me know how it works.

        Before they slip me over the standing part of the fore sheet, let them pipe: "Up Spirits" one more time.


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          Looking at this tool makes me wonder what it can do that I can't already do well with my band saw, jigsaw, coping saw, etc. I don't see an advantage for small pieces of wood over those I just mentioned. However, I am more than willing to be enlightened!


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            The SawMax isn't really any sort of a wood "carving" power tool. Its a one-handed Skil saw with a 3" blade that's turning 17,000 rpm.
            That's enough guts to cut stone counter top. But the cutting depth is only 3/4" and the countertop materials are usually 1.25" thick for every offcut in my stash.

            I intend to use it this summer to rough out some stone carvings. Rough outs can be crude so I'll try it.

            If you wanted to put new flooring over the old stuff, the Saw Max is built to trim the bottom edge off all moldings in a flash. Then what?
            = = = =
            Now, if you feel strong and steady, try power carving with a RotoZip. That's a 1/8" sort of router style drill bit, doing 30,000rpm.
            I used it on a pair of story poles to rough the outlines of some figures.
            Working free-hand on crudely rounded surfaces, I has a few serious crapola moments.
            If you can get the lousy depth ring to tighten, it made really fast work of lots and lots of outlines.
            Very awkward to hold and very difficult to watch the line of the cut. Close-up LED lights essential.
            Brian T


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              I have the Dremel diamond wood saw, and i use it for boxes.