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How do you "rehome" tools you don't want or use?

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  • How do you "rehome" tools you don't want or use?

    Hi everyone! So, I started power carving with my little dremel and in June I decided I'd try to upgrade to a bigger flex shaft machine. I got the Mastercarver 1/2-HP Bench top Pro Flex-Shaft set thinking it'd be way better than my dremel and much more powerful. It is indeed very powerful but I cannot for the life of me get the hang of using its flexshaft versus the dremel's flex shaft. I burned up two outer flex sheaths and two inner shafts and that is IT! I'm so done! I might try a foredom in the future but in the meantime my projects are so small that my dremel is perfectly capable for the time being. That said, I would love to cut my losses and rehome my mastercarver (it's only a few months old and it just needs a new outer sheath because I already have a replacement shaft still sealed in the package). I thought about Ebay but I'm wondering if there are other avenues or even a place in this forum where we can sell things of this nature?

    Also, any advice for me on future flexshaft use? I tried lower rpms, I didn't hold it at too sharp an angle either and unless I took constant breaks every 10 minutes I still managed to heat up my sheath. The machine itself didn't overheat or make crazy noises, it works fine, it was just the shaft. This NEVER happens to me when I'm using my dremel's flexshaft, even at much higher rpms!
    This is where it always got too hot and melted my sheath :( I gotta find this baby a new home! Ebay or are there other options?

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    I have same the setup only 1/3 HP, that I have had since about 2009. In that time I've replaced an inner shaft and outer sheath. My unit set at the same height as my carving bench, about at the same position as my shoulder. The unit set on a separate table, about 24" away from my shoulder.

    I don't know if this might help or not. FYI
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      Flex shafts need to be lubricated. If you didn't lubricate the flex shaft when you installed it into the flex sheath it will get hot and burn up in no time.
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        All of my experience has been with hanging models using foot pedal speed controls, but I have 3-4 different brands. Lubrication for the shaft is important and you also don't want it to have too much, as it can drip out the end and cause problems with the hand piece. I also try to keep the shaft at a gentle curve when in use and I have had no problems in about 9 years of use. I suspect from the pictures you may have had too much of a bend, caused by placement of the motor when you used it. Look for a group called WoodCarver Tool Traders on Facebook; I bet you could sell it there.
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          I have had mine for years and had no trouble with the Flex Shaft. I think if you go over the Instructions for installing the Shaft you might solve your problem. Measure length of the Shaft , to confirm that when held straight it extends past the Outer Shaft fitting at least 1/2 " but not more than 3/4 ". I feel if you do this you will be Happy with your new Tool. Merle


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            There is a Facebook group Woodcarvers Tool Trader. You could post it on there...

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              Thank you for the help everyone.

              I did lubricate the shaft ahead of time, I also measured it to make sure I installed it correctly. The first time it got hot I watched the angle of my grip and it was not choked up in my opinion but maybe the angle is more sensitive than the dremel's shaft? I even tried hanging it to see if that would help but it was a no go. I just don't want to keep sinking in money for shaft and sheath over and over again. No work around has lasted very long :/ maybe it's too powerful for what I'm trying to do??? As I mentioned, I've had no trouble even close to this when using my dremel flexshaft.
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                Could it be defective and you should be talking to the manufacturer instead of selling it?


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                  Pookinopolis, if you're in Bossier City, I saw your Mastercarver listed on the Woodcarvers Tool Trader this morning. Good luck!


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                    I just remembered, I had the same problem with my new Dremel. The Connection to the Motor gets Hot enough that you can't touch it . I tried everything that I could think of and decided to not use the Flex Shaft. I don't know why I bougt it becasue I have gone thru 5 and I'm not hard on my Tools. I think we both have a Defect Tool . Merle


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                      i have a foredom and had a mastercarver the master carver will eat shafts, as said i had the best luck running it at half speed and never use a 1/4 inch burr likewise sanding creates a lot of drag and well yes a bit of lube is a good thing I used vaseline on the inner shaft and that helped a lot it it runs hot either the shaft oe the handpiece lube it there is also a graphite lube foe bicycle chains i had left over from my bike days that woek well good luck p.s. ill send you a pm


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                        How much? XD


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                          I use a Foredom and have only had to replace one shaft in 10 years. I lubricate well and often, clean regularly , The key is not bending your shaft too much, I believe. The shafts are not designed for sharp bending while in use. I wouldn't throw the baby out with the bath water, just try a different set-up. One where your shaft isn't tightly bent. Or, you could invest in a Micro-motor, where the motor is in the handpiece and you have no delicate shaft to bend, just the power cord.

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                            When I first bought my Foredom twelve years, I had the same problem that squbrigg had!
                            A friend saw me working with it and told me that I was bending the shaft to much., so remember don't bend
                            the shaft to much and keep it oiled.