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basic components of power carving tools

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  • basic components of power carving tools

    I’d like to know what the basic components of power carving are. What I’m thinking is that the following are needed: [1] a motor and foot pedal to regulate speed; [2] a flexible shaft; [3] both a rotary and a reciprocating handle to attach to the flex shaft; [4] a variety of burrs and cutting bits for the handles.

    Does that pretty much cover things, or have I missed something basis [besides wood and and idea]?

    I’d also like to know if these four things are interchangeable between brands. That is, would a Wecheer handle work with a Harbor Freight motor/flexible shaft?

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    Hi Barent
    You should have no problem using a weecheer recip handle on a harbor freight rotary carver flex shaft, I
    recommend that you buy flex cut recip bits, wee cheer bits don't hold an edge very long.
    Hope this helps


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      You will also need to consider safety equipment.... leather glove if holding the wood/carving, a leather thumb-guard for the rotary tool holding hand, and a leather apron if you like to hold your carvings close to your body .... dust collector and dust mask .... eye/face protection ..... carvers vice when using the reciprocating tools .... good lighting.
      Old carvers never die... they just whittle away.


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        I believe all is good advice. The following would have to be considered a personal preference. Rather a foot pedal, I prefer the unit that let you set your speed with a dial on a control box, that way I just have to concentrate on what the burr is doing & not keeping a foot steady
        . . .JoeB


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          Read through this link about a review of the inexpensive brands. https://forum.woodcarvingillustrated...ex-shaft-tools


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            I'm new here. Fordom makes a great setup. Dremal works great. Stay away from the Vortex F5 turbo Carver. Presto 2 works great for me.


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              I have flex shafts and my hands cramped. So I invested in a Rampower 45 it was much easier on my hands. plus it is reversible. I do mostly small detail work.

              Fiskare Why do you say stay away from the Vortex F5?
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