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Power Carving Basswood

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  • Power Carving Basswood

    I run a small sawmill business and also wood carve. I have carved animals with my friend Kirt Curtis he was the best animal carver I have taken a class from. In my sawing MN basswood logs sometimes I get a log that just is denser than the rest, still white, and clear, just a little harder than what I typically want to get. So I set this wood aside after its cut and gone thru my solar kiln and Kirt would use it in his classes. I have some of this material that I want to get out of my storage shed to make room for some walnut that I need to find a place for. I will sell it for 2.50 a bdft if anyone is interested, it power carves great and can be hand carved too but it is a little harder than what I typically sell. These are big blocks for doing animals buffalo, bears, moose things of that nature is what we did in them. If there is any interest send me an email [email protected]
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    I cant use big pieces but i would be interested in the scraps you probably throw out or burn but again shipping is probaly a fortune where in mn are you i live west of chicago so im wondering if i could make a drive there


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      Hey, George!

      Wish I knew that last week... I was in Omaha. I've got a friend in Lincoln who might be able to pick some up for me. I'll have him call you to arrange a time if he's able.

      Old carvers never die... they just whittle away.