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    Hello friends. A monet of your time please. I have been pondering some things - I'm calling them tips and reminders - for the newbies and the old hands. It starts with a story that at first I thought may be TMI but then I figured nah- were all power carvers here!
    Ok - it goes like this
    I have a fair coming up this weekend so the last few days have been crazy power carving sessions lasting all day and into the night. I love this rush of creativity where everything is a blur yet still so clear and the day goes by and I don't know what time it is.
    I have noticed that during these times I let everything just sit. Including dinner and lunch and whatever. Not the coffee tho- its never far from my mind. ( or hand) So- it has been deduced that If i set an alarm to an hour before dinner I stop and dust off (an air compressor blower is grand) and shower- that still gives me plenty of time to cook cereal for everyone and they are all much happier than when they come home and dinner is not ready and im like hey- look at this cool thing I made...(at this point they don't care)
    So thats it - I have been. Its been great. Time for me and time to make them feel like they are special. A quick cold shower and Im ready to go. This brings me to tip #1
    1-always dust yourself off and shower- never leave that on or in your skin/hair/nostrils. What we are breathing is essentially dirty old wood. It can be full of molds and sometimes even chemicals ( ask me how I fared breathing old glue that I didnt know was there and burned wait don't.) So always clean your nose- blow it good! And also - dont think that your sinuses are clean after you blow your nose. Here's my secret - make yourself sneeze. yep. a lot. you will be surprised at what dusty stumps come out. Its all about your health? your breathing so that stuff is going in your nose, in your sinuses and yes- in your lungs.
    You might say "But Keoma - I wear a mask..." and ill be like - they are not full proof and they leak and not to mention the people who forget to put them on - I'm not saying any names and yall can quit looking at me.
    When you sneeze you take a HUGE breath in- way bigger than you do when you just blow your nose because its an involuntary body function- your body does it when it needs to GET SOMETHING OUT. so- I use a q tip- yep. A regular old cotton swab. All you have to do is slightly tickle just inside your nostril and you will sneeze. I do this 15-20 times after I have washed and blown my nose. Seriously. You might think this is a joke, but its snot.
    What comes out is coming from deep in your sinus cavity and when you will see it you will thing "Dang!" and you will thank me for saving you the trouble of a head cold or a nasty sinus infection. (yeah but if you think you are going to get one- go to the Dr)
    Anyway- back to dinner! Imade a glorious dinner of Chicken and rice and pickled beets- my husbands favorite! He told me he was going to take a shower and be right back down for dinner- ok great! A few moments later I hear him holler a couple obscenities
    this brings me to tip #2 - always rinse your shower. This is maybe even more important than not getting a sinus infection. Your spouse will not like your stumps in the shower or the tub. Truly they will not.
    I'm only sharing because I hope to keep you all healthy with the cold weather months approaching. The less crap we have in our sinuses and our lungs the better chance we have of staying healthy.
    So recap-
    *always blow yourself off
    *Always blow your nose
    *Sneezing is good for you
    *Rinse the shower
    *smile pretty
    I hope this has been beneficial to you and or you are smiling. All the best to you my fellow power carvers - as you were!

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    LOL. Great advice, Keoma!

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      Love it ! Great information!


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        Are we all power carvers here?????


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          Originally posted by Tom Hindes View Post
          Are we all power carvers here?????
          No but a think a lot of us will jump the rail and use that tool. I try to carve with those shape things as much as I can, but age and fingers are not in the best intrest for me, so to the dust bin I am..
          Always hoping for a nice slice that won't need sanding!


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            i love the tongue in cheek humor everytime i try it a moderator gets mad at me but i like how you did that