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  • WeeCheer power carver

    Does anyone have have an opinion on the WeeCheer mini rechargeable power carver, is there a reason to get one if you have a dremel or a foredom?

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    I just got the Wecheer Micro Carver on Sunday and haven't used it yet . It isn't rechargeable but just about sent it back because I thought it wasn't working but it was . That's how Quiet and Vibration free it is . I didn't need it but Woodcraft has a sale on and the price was $ 55.00 ,couldn't pass it up , just wanted it . I think it will do fine for Detailing . I also have a Micro Carver that is a better piece and a Dremel , but will use this piece also . That is the way this Hobby is , if you like it , Buy it . Merle


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      Thanks Merle, woodcraft is where I saw this one also. I might try it as well, even though I have other tools.


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        Never have enough Tools . That Tool is not Battery operated , but sure is Quiet and Smooth. Merle


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          It is for light work, more of a detailer than a carver.


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            I have several Wecheer tools and I use them for detailing.The battery ones are great when I do demonstration carving in places without electricity or where a long extension cord could be a hazard.