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  • Beginner powercarving tips

    Hello everyone,

    I've recently taken up power carving as a hobby and was hoping you guys have some tricks and tips for a beginner. Had a look through the beginner section on the forum, but that seemed to only be for hand carving.

    I got a Dremel knock off with 30 or so bits and burs that work well for removing small/medium chunks of wood just to see if it was something I liked. Planing to upgrade to a more serious machine later.

    I've only been doing relief carving so far but want to start making smaller 3D figurines of animals. While there are lot's of relief carving turorials I can't seem to find any on 3D carving so I was hoping some of you have any tips?

    Maybe some different ways to make certain cuts or exercises to practice and develop skills?

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    I to am having a go at my first attempt at carving and have started researching different methods. I found this link which shows a blow by blow creation of a small bird which answered a lot of questions for me. It would appear there are heaps of tutorial power carving tutorial video clips even down to the best way to hold the tool to give you greatest control. Hope this helps . cheers.


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        A lot of tips in the "Power Carving" forum.

        You will also need to consider safety equipment.... leather glove if holding the wood/carving, a leather thumb-guard for the rotary tool holding hand, and a leather apron if you like to hold your carvings close to your body .... dust collector and dust mask .... eye/face protection ..... carvers vice when using the reciprocating tools .... good lighting.
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          This may be helpful ,


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            Thanks Randy, that should be super helpfull!

            I might try making something like that, Glenn. Thanks!

            As for protection I got protective glasses, a 3M face mask and my work station is outdoors so don't think I need a dust collector? Might look into a leather glove though
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              If you go to eBay and search for Power Carving Book, you will find several on there with projects and how to do them by power carving. I have one of the older Power Carving Manuals that has provided a wealth of info on bits, burrs, tools, etc. I see there is one of the PC Manuals for $7 on their now. In my opinion, well worth the money for a reference guide.


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                That's a great tip, thanks Sammy. So used to all information being available on the internett that I didn't consider looking for actual books!