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1961 Le Mans, Cunningham Maserati TIPO 60 Out Of Basswood

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  • 1961 Le Mans, Cunningham Maserati TIPO 60 Out Of Basswood

    There was a discussion I read several weeks ago that made mention of different consistencies and characteristics in the same piece of wood. I hadn't experienced bad "fuzzies" with the first two projects I made with Basswood. This one used wood from the same board. "They" were much more pronounced with this project. Being such a soft wood. Could humidity have an effect on "the fuzzies?" My work room isn't AC'd and it does get warm and humid at times. I much prefer the finsh of the paint to that of the last decal wrap. The body was brush painted with MILLIPUT and sanded several times to give it a smooth seal. Then painted and decaled. Then several coats of Pledge Floor Gloss.

    This is the 1961 Le Mans, Cunningham, Maserati TIPO 60, I "power carved" the basic body from Basswood. I was really tempted to make this a tilt up front end like the 1:1.... But that's still above my skill set. Being that I haven't figured out how to do it. I'm thinking Vac.U.Form... But till that time; this fills the slot.

    Briggs Cunningham & Bill Kimberley drove this car to an 8th place overall finish. There were two other Cunningham entries in '61. A Maserati TIPO 63, #7 driven to a 4th place overall , by Augie Pabst & Dick Thompson. Another TIPO 63 DNF'd in the 3rd hour due to an accident. That car was driven by Walt Hansgen and Bruce McLaren. Of course I chose the #24 car to do first because it was driven by Cunningham himself; and it had that aerodynamic windscreen and extended tail.

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    Well done,& what a kid it would have driven this vehicle, probably a little better than my '78 Spity.
    . . .JoeB


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      Nifty carving and not a type I see very often...Clearhooter. Nice.

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        Originally posted by woodburner807 View Post
        Nifty carving and not a type I see very often...Clearhooter. Nice.

        I don't usually mess with carving a car if I can get a die-cast that will fit the bill. I'm to that point of saturation that I've been carving more replications than building them from die-cast.

        Since last November, when I discovered I could carve cars out of wood. I've been on a mission to "finish out" 3 stables of sports racing cars I've been working on since 1993. Group 44 was finished last month. Though the Cunningham Stable has all of the types Briggs Cunningham personally raced. There's still the Maserati TIPO 63 to finish out all of the types of cars that were campaigned at Le Mans during the decade-plus, that Cunningham's were raced. The third stable is made up of Chaparrals. While I have a type of every car Jim Hall put on the track. There is no way to reproduce every variant. The man constantly made changes to the aerodynamics of his cars. So after meeting every criteria I've laid out. I can see a light at the end of the tunnel for "completing" these stables. Just wish I'd of thought about wood carving in 1993.......


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          This made me think of your posts.
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