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    Hi Mark , if it is Comfortable and doesn't Impair your vision and keeps the Dust out it's a good one . This little Mask has 2 of those Factors and waiting to see if it keeps out the Dust . It also fits the Face well . If it doesn't keep out the Dust I will not use it . Just trying something different that might work better for me . Thank bud for Commenting . Merle


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      HI, 61, My Shop is small so what I put into it must be in Relation to the space . I also have a Fasco Dusk Collector , the Power is a Squirrel Cage with a Large Cloth Bag that I don't use because the Space it takes up .
      Your right about Fes-tool and it's definitely out of my Price Range . Maybe this little Mask discussion will show someone that they should use a Dusk Mask . Thanks again for your Input . Merle


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        My uncle died from dust in the workshop. I have a whole assortment of mask but the N95 dust mask, is still my go-to, does a good job sealing around the face and it is better in the heat and humidity. Although I did a have few big boxes of them before the pandemic. I notice 3M is just starting to get them back on market. Got the Dust be Gone mask...but it does not seal good and fine dust gets in and gets in the nose. I have giant industrial fans that blow the rest out of my shop. My ears are damaged from working near the jets at the airports, the stupid boss did not tell us about the safety measures. The only time I need earplugs is when the meth freaks are screaming in the middle of the night in the valley.


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          Hi Di , yep my Dust Bee-Gone is Gone , I used it for years and like you said the Dust got in and up my Nose . I see you still have your Sense of Humor and I'm a year older yesterday and still enjoy hearing your Comments . Thanks for Commenting and your still a Peach . Merle


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            Well, Happy Birthday, Merle! I agree with your earlier comment that we all need to be aware of the dust and protect ourselves from it.

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              Hi Claude, the Old Kid on the Block just got a Year Older and starting a New Year . Thanks Claude . Merle