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  • Micromotor question

    Have a quick question are hand pieces brand specific or interchangeable between controllers?

    Don’t get to comfortable sure there will be more questions.

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    this from another thread by Susie Q, I have not switched hand pieces myself yet.

    Re: Foredom micromotor 1000 won't work

    If your handpiece is the standard connection and not one of the new generation brushless handpieces that have to screw on (usually in the back of the controller), then it doesn't have to be another foredom controller that you try it on. Most of those handpiece connectors are standard and you can mix and match brands on handpieces and controllers.

    I frequently have my old 1045 handpiece plugged into a Mastercarver controller and vise difference.
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      I have a Harbor Freight motor system running on my wood burner controller, and have run my Dremel unit on it too. Have been for a couple years, I would like to get a heavier duty controller though. Oh and use my WECheer units on the whole chebang too.
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        Thanks for the information.


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          The Micro hand pieces I have are specific to their unit Ed.
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