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    As my journey continues in power carving I'm addressing dust control. I've added a down draft table hooked to my portable collector I use on my table saw, planner and such. It is loud as I have it sitting next to me while carving. So I was looking at some desk top collectors hoping for a quieter solution. I've seen a couple on Amazon, but where else could I find a good one?


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    G9955 Benchtop Dual Fan Air Filter

    An air filter perfect for pairing with sanding and power carving.

    The G9955 Benchtop Dual Fan Air Filter is a point-of-use filter, designed specifically to filter fine airborne dust particles.

    Two separately switched fan motors can be used to draw a maximum 400 CFM of your dusty shop air though the 5-micron pleated filter.

    The clear plastic hood helps to direct flow from the work area directly into the filter.

    Like all Grizzly dust filters, the G9955 comes with a 1-year warranty.

    The G9955 manual was written by our U.S.-based Technical Documentation Department and is packed with useful information. The complete and easy-to-read manual provides full instructions on how to assemble and maintain your filter.

    Parts for the filter may be available online and shipped from the Grizzly parts warehouse in Springfield, MO.

    Made in an ISO 9001 factory


    • Motors: twin 1/20 HP, 110V, single-phase, 0.4A
    • Air suction capacity: 200 CFM x 2
    • Impeller type: Open fan
    • Impeller size: 5-5/8"
    • Filtration: 5 micron
    • Filter size: 20" L x 10" W x 2" T
    • Overall dimensions: 20-7/8" L x 8-1/4" W x 10-1/2" H
    • Shipping weight: 24 lbs.


    • Non-marring rubber feet
    • Clear plastic hood
    • Two 110V outlets for woodworking tools
    • Two motors independently controlled

    Need help?

    We offer U.S.-based customer service and technical support to get your questions answered and help keep your equipment running in top condition.

    Old carvers never die... they just whittle away.


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      Old carvers never die... they just whittle away.


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        I choose the WEN 3410 because it filters down to 1 micron someone told me once that it is the finer particles that pose the most health concern so I figure it made since.


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          I have had a Razaire 530 portable dust collector, It is a bench top. I have been very happy with it. They offer a variety of filter. Before I got it I also used my shop vac hooked down draft box. I used a 15 foot hose so I could put it across the room. And I used one of those remote control pluges so I could turn it on and off from the bench. There are a number of good bench tops out there. A good friend has a Oneida Air Systems Benchtop Dust Collector that he really likes it is just a bit large for a small bench.

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            I know little to nothing about dust control. My method is to sit out on my front yard park bench and let the wind blow the dust and shavings away. However, I do know a lot about noise and the damage it does to one's ears. I used to be deaf in one ear and couldn't hear worth a darn out of the other. Over the last six months I've become 90% deaf in both ears and can't watch TV without TV ears or hear what is going on around me with out hearing aids. Therefore my suggestion to anyone who works next to a piece of power equipment louder than the sound of a normal voice conversation to invest in a good pair of sound deadening octocups or ear muffs.


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              My shop is an open wall in some dust control is a major shop fan and leaf blower. Like Eddy, I carve outside under the lychee tree... if it is super hot I drag out a box fan to blow on me. I do wear a mask....keeps me.... from digging out wood-baked boogers out of the nose..... Mask work ...I know too many people die from not doing it, including my dad's brother. Yea, they are a big pain in the rear end...but you get used it.
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                I will say I really like the idea of carving outside, I prefer that over my shop in the basement, I'm going to find a way to put a carving station outside somewhere, won't be so nice in the winter but spring,summer and fall will be great.
                for the winter months I'm confident I can build a desktop dust collector for under a hundred bucks.
                Thanks everyone for your help with this, it definitely gives me something to work on


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                  Found an old sewing cabinet, one that the sewing machine was elevated by pneumatic pump - pulled that out and used strips of bamboo as the table, attached a 4" hose attached to the 2hp dust extractor to the underside. On the bench top use a "The Sqair" air filter that cleans air borne micro dust from my 43 sq.m shop within 20 minutes, it has a small footprint. Both meant to keep the lungs clean.


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                    I have a vertical fan on my workbench that blows dust away from me. In the winter when I keep the big garage door closed, I have a Jet 1000 sitting on the top of a set of shelves. I also have, and use, a good 3M face mask with P100 filters on it.

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                      I bought this model a couple of years ago when Grizzly had it on sale...was in Springfield and picked it up at their store. Haven't used it yet, but I have turned it on and it is pretty powerful! I think I will like it when I get my Foredom into service!