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  • Multi-tool shootout-comparison web site

    I've been following the posts regarding which multi-tool to purchase. Great information. I'm leaning toward the Dremel.Currently, I carve with the Dremel rotary tool and really like it so I plan on getting the Dremel Multi-Max. This site may already be on this forum but I'll post it just in case it's not:

    Oscillating Multi-Tool Shootout Comparison —Professional tool reviews for the average Joe

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    Re: Multi-tool shootout-comparison web site

    Cool website!
    Thanks for posting.


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      Re: Multi-tool shootout-comparison web site

      Thanks for the information. As I become more interested in Carving, power seems to be an answer to speed things up a bit before I die.

      Carving is great but heck it is a slow boat to China for this guy. One of these might be a suitable gift for somebody to buy for me instead of socks and underpants.



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        Re: Multi-tool shootout-comparison web site

        Thanks Mr. Chips and Pete. Pete, I've come to really enjoy carving with my Dremel rotary tool. Far less chance of cuts also!


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          Re: Multi-tool shootout-comparison website.

          Thanks for sharing a great informative article. Will continue reading as much as I can and will share it.
          Are you looking for the best miter saw for woodworking? Here’s a list of your best options at various prices. When you’re working with wood, it’s pretty much a given that you should get a miter saw. You don’t really need to get a multipurpose miter saw if you’re not going to use it to cut metals. The best miter saw


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            Can I ask what you are going to use this multi tool for? as in using it for carving? Sometimes other tools work tons better for your needs.... I have spent too much on tools that sit on the bench that I cannot use or use a few times...when I use other kinds of power tools major. My own list of must own power tools micro motor for details, dremel rotary, flex shaft with burrs, die grinder for rough out of bigger works and a band saw. Plus chisels and carving knives....get used major. Later if you got big money an engraver, with a compressor.