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And just how did this Addiction Start?

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  • And just how did this Addiction Start?

    It's funny, I bought my woodburning system because I wanted to be able to burn realistic fur into my animal carvings. I loved the effect and still do because it truly can give the carving that something extra. Then one day I saw a picture of a Lynx done in pyrography and the way this lady had done the eyes absolutely grabbed my full attention and I just had to do the piece. Well that was it for me. After that I discovered that I create a multi-dimensional piece, as well being able to find pictures to inspire me everywhere I looked. After that I was a goner!

    I still carve the odd piece and do enjoy it, but I reach my glory once I get to burn it.

    What about the rest of you - what got you hooked or even are you hooked and why?


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    Re: And just how did this Addiction Start?

    Instant gratification! That's what I call them, and when I seem to need a "fix" I'll burn a piece or two.

    As a ship modeller, it takes considerable longer to get that "charge" of a completed piece and the satisfaction that it brings, and I sometimes miss that. That feeling is one of the things that we carve for! That rush of gratification. A half model only takes a few months to do so the gratification rush is sooner in coming with them! A relief carving may take a couple of weeks and the thrill of completing it is wonderful. Now the carving pieces: dragons, canes, figures, knots or what have you, those can be completed in a week or so and the charge of finishing one of those is sweet and savored quickly.

    Only with a burning is it possible to recieve "instant gratification"! I usually complete one of those the same day and I recieve my fix of that burst of satisfaction.

    But I must warn you..... the satisfaction of completing a model is powerful! Not to be trifled with. The longer that you work on a project, the fix is generally in proportion to the length of time.

    Before they slip me over the standing part of the fore sheet, let them pipe: "Up Spirits" one more time.


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      Re: And just how did this Addiction Start?

      Lindy... an extremely good friend and an excellent multi-media artist used a term not long ago which I think describes my woodburning and watercolor painting quite adequately. I'm more of an illustrator that an artist. I look at some of the pyrography work that you woodburners do and I just don't have the patience to put the pen to the wood that many times to create an image. I'm currently working on some clothes hook plaques for my grandkids for Christmas which as I complete I'll post to show the extent of my talents. But I certainly do admire the traddionalists. My wife is like that with her cross stitching. How she has the time and patience to go stitch by stitch until she has a completed image is beyond me.