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    Hi Y'all
    I have a Colwood handle that takes replaceable tips, I am not a bird or fish carver so i don't need any tips for feathers or scales, just looking to get the most usefull tips for my system.

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    Bruce, I also have a Colwood burner and one of the best places I found to get replaceable tips is from the Old Texas Wood Carvers Shop Over time I have collected more than a dozen different tips (mostly because I'm a tool junkie) and find that I only use the same 3 or 4 tips. First, you should get a knife tip for burning in your detail work. I like the #1220508 Replaceable TIP - RT G 3/16" Point. Second, I use a writing ball tip, mostly for signing my name. I use either the small or medium size: #1220521 Replaceable Tip - RT Ball 1 Size: .0394 in. dia.; approx. 1mm or #1220522 Replaceable Tip - RT Ball 2 Size: .0625 in. dia.; approx. 1.6mm.Look through all the different tips they might want to get the same tips but in different sizes. A lot of tips are useful if you're a wood burner but for a wood carver you can get away with just a few. If you need more help with wood burner tips send me a PM.

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      Hi Bob
      I will look at what I have tomorrow and send you the list